Covered CA – Medi-Cal MAGI Income Chart for Program Qualifications  *  2017 Updates

Complementary Quotes, FPL Calculation, Program Eligiblity  & Benefits

FAQ’s  & Explanations

Chart good to 3.2017 copied from Covered CA
2017 FPL Income Chart Medi-Cal & Covered CA – Click here to enlarge or if you can’t see the chart in your browser

*Chart copied from Covered ** 2017 FPL Page 16 Plan Rates ** & Max Herr, ** Comments   and then we improved it

FAQ’s, Explanations & More Details 

Household Size   *  Flow Chart

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How many dependents are on your Tax Return?  Section 151

Household Income includes all dependents

What is MAGI Modified Adjusted Gross Income – Line 37 AGI + Social Security, Tax Exempt Interest & Foreign Income

Tax Return Reconcilation of Subsidy on 1040, 1095 and 8962 at the end of the year

Medi-Cal    One can get FREE MAGI Income Line 37 of your 1040  Based Medi-Cal     – If income falls  below 138% of the CA Poverty Line below.  No asset  test, no more estate recovery.

MAGI Medi-Cal for Pregnant Women

Medi-Cal Access Program   If you’re pregnant – up to 322% of FPL –  Formerly AIM

C-CHIP County Children’s Health Initiative Program

Enhanced Silver – Cost Sharing  94, 87 & 73  

Silver 70 $2,500 Deductible and Standard Metal Levels, Bronze $5k deductible, Gold $0 Deductible and Platinum

We are paid by Covered CA and the Insurance Companies to help you, when you appoint us as your agent NO CHARGE!  

Will the subsidies go away with Donald Trump

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Flow Chart from IRS Website – Eligibilty for APTC Advance Premium Tax Credit – Subsidy

Accepted proofs of income for Covered CA  –  IMHO your 1040 is the best one!

Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Chart

FPL calculator ONLY

Use ours which includes benefits & subsidies and online enrollment

Share of Cost (Cost Sharing Reduction) Medi-Cal – Doesn’t apply in CA!  (≥100 to ≤150%)  FPL – The rules for 100 to 138 are quite complex  doesn’t apply in CA Learn More ===> Western Poverty & Law 375 booklet email us

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  1. i am having a hard time trying to see if i can get medi-cal. i dont understand most of those charts. i am 60 years old drawing ssi – Supplemental Security Income from my deceased husband. i make 18,588.00 a year, i cant work and i am trying to get on disabilty. but not went through yet. can you send me to the right web site, or tell me if i can get it?

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