What if I show a negative AGI Line 37 or MAGI Income.
Can I get subsidies?
Buy a regular Plan?


The best way to see what plans you qualify for is to use our no obligation instant quote engine.

You might also look at the income chart.   If your family income MAGI Modified Adjusted Gross Income, Line 37 + Social Security, Foreign Income, Exempt Interest is below 138% of Federal Poverty Level you qualify for Medi-Cal  – Medicaid and would not get Covered CA subsidies.

We do not get paid to help you with Medi-Cal nor any real support from Medi-Cal in training or anything.  Our Medi-Cal website is Pro Bono.   If you have questions on Medi-Cal, please look through that  site.  We’ve linked to whatever authoritative information we can find.  If you have questions on Medi-Cal, please ask  at the bottom of the page that is most appropriate.  You don’t have to leave your name.   We are not here to sell you on the benefits – coverage of Medi-Cal.  We don’t get paid for it.  Here is our FAQ page on Medi-Cal.

If you qualify for Medi-Cal, no one can force you to use it.  You can still buy a regular policy from any Insurance Company.  You just won’t get subsidies.

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7 comments on “Tax Loss – Negative MAGI Income – Medi Cal? Subsidies?

  1. I have a wife and 13 year old daughter. Our household income is under $40,000.00 BUT, thanks to a hefty loss carryforward, my MAGI is -$150,000.00.

    Is there any way to get covered California, at least for my wife and daughter (I have Medicare)?

      • 1 This year I am earning $20,000.00. I have Medicare Advantage. My wife and daughter currently have Medi-Cal.

        2 I’ve just started receiving Social Security which will be $22,000.00 next year. If I continue earning $20,000.00 from working, our total income of $42,000.00 will knock my wife out of Medi-Cal, at least as I understand it.

        3 My daughter, however, can continue with her Medi-Cal.

        4 This is why I’m looking at insurance for my wife and not necessarily for my daughter.

        5 If we have to pay $12,000 to $15,000 for health insurance, maybe I should stop working and leave my wife (and daughter) on Medi-Cal.

        • 2 Here’s the income chart for Covered CA While $42k would put you in Silver 73, the chart goes by MAGI Modified Adjusted Gross income that is Line 37 Adjusted Gross Income of your tax return, plus Social Security (It might not count in full), Foreign Income and Exempt Interest.

          Your tax loss would show on line 13 or 14, right? Thus as a negative number it would make your $42k below zero, right? Thus, since your income is below $34k for a family of four, that would put you in Medi-Cal and not subsidies.

          I’m not a CPA or tax attorney. Please review the Government Documents cited, this website and our Medi-Cal website, Western Poverty Law and go over them with appropriate counsel.

          4. If you put your mouse over the premium on my quote engine, it will show the premiums for each person.

          5. There are some who say that Obamacare will die on it’s own. The Middle Class can barely afford their own premiums, let alone the subsidies and Medi-Cal.

            • Letters from Covered California / MediCal said that with our household sized our household earnings could be up $2,2014.08 per month for my wife to stay on Medi-Cal and $4,527.00 for my daughter to stay on Medi-Cal.

              The renewal forms ask about our monthly earnings (wages) and income (I assume this includes Social Security) and nowhere mentions MAGI so it’s quite a surprise to me to find that our qualification is MAGI-based.

              I need to thank you for letting me know this.

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