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Covered CA Subsidies

We are renegotiating [Alimony] at 2833 per month for 2017. Attorneys are drafting it now.  Will that qualify us for something besides medi Cal?  Me plus 3 dependents)

***Yes.  See the income chart or get a complementary quote and subsidy calculation by clicking the quote icon in the upper right hand corner.

Is there a Health Insurance order for your x husband to insure the children?

Who gets the tax deduction for the children?  Whose household are they in?

Learn More==> MAGI Definition * Medi-Cal Flow Chart

If so,  how do premiums get paid for insurance?

***Thank you so much for asking the question.  I see now that what shows in the customer view is not quite as clear as what shows in the Certified Agent View from my quote engine below.

This shows that your child under 19 still qualifies for Medi-Cal at the 142% FPL – Federal Poverty Level.  The rest qualify for Silver 94, which is better than Platinum with subsidies in the range of $658/month to offset your premium.

Agent View - Subsidy & Medi-Cal Calculation
Agent View – Subsidy & Medi-Cal Calculation

***Here’s the quote that you see.  Note that I took off your youngest child from being quoted as he qualifies for Medi-Cal.  If you want to get him coverage direct with an Insurance Company, we can help you with that, but their are no subsidies.

Note the Cost Share Reduction – Enhanced Silver of 94%.  For December you can get Anthem Blue Cross for a net premium of $70.36 for 3 members of your family.

Excerpt from Actual Quote
Excerpt from Actual Quote

This is the premium you would pay without subsidies or for those fortunate enough to earn over 400% of Federal Poverty Level.

Gross - Regular Premium
Gross – Regular Premium

Do I pay monthly then get reimburse at end of year? Or is it a tax write off?

***You can do it either way.  Here’s details and the pros & cons.

This is very cumbersome.

***There is no extra charge for our time to help explain this to you.  We just ask that you submit your application through us or if you already have a Covered CA account that you appoint us as we only get paid when you do.

Thanks for your assistance.

***Your welcome

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