My son he is 22 years old and  received an annuity trust of 24,000 per year,

***Taxation on Income from annuities is explained in IRS publication 575 and 939.   This interactive tool from the IRS may help you.  I’m not qualified to answer your question.  If you don’t find the answer in the publication, please check with qualified tax counsel.

How, Why and for what purpose is the trust?

he is disable person and

I as his  mom work for him and I have income from In home support service of 32,000 for taking care of him.

***We believe that does not count as income under  Treatment of qualified Medicaid waiver payments under § 131   *   IRS Notice 2014-7 Medicaid (Medi-Cal) waivers Foster Care  *  FAQ’s IRS Website Excluded Medicaid Payments * Publication 17 – Tax Guide for preparing taxes 288 pages  *     BUT, we have not read the law, rules & regulations at least 3 x and then when we think we understand it, read it again,  nor are we compensated to do that.  If you don’t have access to qualified tax counsel try the VITA program.

Also, I have my parents in my income – household who they have 62 and 67 years old, both they don’t have Medicare

***They haven’t been in USA long enough?

and I have my youngest son 14,  years old.

Do we still qualify for Medical. [Medi-Cal] ?

***Check out the income chart that shows 138% of FPL Federal Poverty Level goes to $34,000 so it sounds like you do.   Here’s our complementary Quote Engine that will also figure FPL.  Please contact Medi-Cal & complete an application to make sure.

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