Long Term Capital Gains?

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I liked your website. I needed a health insurance quote for 2017 but before doing so I had a question to make sure I am not wasting your time.

***Thank you so much for your consideration.

  • How does long term capital gains ($180k) from investment property sale affect CoveredCA coverage?
    • ****It’s not that it affects coverage, it may affect subsidies.  The question is, does it go on line 13 of your 1040?
Capital Gains Line 13
Capital Gains Line 13

****What winds up on line 37?

  • Does it throw me off the “subsidy”  chart for CoveredCA?

***You can still get coverage.  It’s just that you won’t have subsidies – tax credits.  We would be happy to help you obtain the best coverage for your needs.  It just won’t be that you get subsidies this year… next year?   When do you report this income, 2017 or 2016?   If 2016, you will probably have to give back the subsidies you collected this year when you file 2016 taxes.

  • If so, what is the bronze level price range I can get?

****Please enter your dates of birth, zip code and MAGI income line 37* into our complementary quote engine in the upper right of this page.   2017 rates will be available 11.1.2016.

Some stats:

  • House hold: Under CoveredCA (Ages Me xx, wife xx, child x) +  Under Medicare/Midi-cal (Mother xx)
  • Household income: $73K /yr (excluding Mother’s SSI)

***Is your Mother on your tax return as a dependent?

You are correct, SSI doesn’t get added back in for MAGI Income.  Is this income for 2016 or 2017?

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