How much of your Pension & Annuity Income goes on line 4 b (formerly 15 & 16)  of IRS 1040 and
thus counts towards MAGI Income for Covered CA subsidies?

IRS Tax Form – Line 4 A 1040

Taxation of Pensions 

Line 4a Pension Income Covered CA Subsidies

Note that just about ALL of Social Security Counts for Covered CA Subsidies!

Just the Count Taxable Portion of your income counts

Excerpt of Covered CA Countable Sources of Income

Pensions, Department of Defense Retirement Board military retirement, endowment contracts paid as annuities and taxable annuities,

Reported on 1099-R   Form 1099-R     Instructions for Forms 1099-R and 5498 (HTML)

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  1. I have just begun to receive retirement income that will make me ineligible to continue to receive Medi-cal benefits.

    I have questions about the Kaiser Program…

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