How much of your Pension & Annuity Income goes on line 15 & 16 of IRS 1040 and
thus counts towards MAGI Income for Covered CA subsidies?

List of what Income Counts for MAGI

Modified Adjusted Gross Income 
Covered CA

Covered CA list of countable income for MAGI

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Form 1040 - Pension & Annuity Income?
Form 1040 – Pension & Annuity Income?

Publication 575 reviews the tax treatment of distributions you receive from pension and annuity plans and also shows you how to report the income on your federal income tax return.

How these distributions are taxed depends on whether they are periodic payments (amounts received as an annuity) that are paid at regular intervals over several years or nonperiodic payments (amounts not received as an annuity).

What is covered in publication 575?   This publication contains information that you need to understand the following topics.

  • How to figure the tax-free part of periodic payments under a pension or annuity plan, including using a simple worksheet for payments under a qualified plan.
  • How to figure the tax-free part of nonperiodic payments from qualified and nonqualified plans, and how to use the optional methods to figure the tax on lump-sum distributions from pension, stock bonus, and profit-sharing plans.
  • How to roll over certain distributions from a retirement plan into another retirement plan or IRA.
  • How to report disability payments, and how beneficiaries and survivors of employees and retirees must report benefits paid to them.
  • How to report railroad retirement benefits.
  • When additional taxes on certain distributions may apply (including the tax on early distributions and the tax on excess accumulation).

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  1. I have just begun to receive retirement income that will make me ineligible to continue to receive Medi-cal benefits.

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