MAGI – Modified Adjusted Gross Income (Line 37*)
What counts as Income, Expense, Credit or Deduction?


Please view our MAIN MAGI page for and introduction to what MAGI Income is for Covered CA tax subsidies then view the child pages below for help with your specific question or concern.

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What’s better, to take the subsidy now or at tax time?

Retirement Plans General Information  Line 16 a *  Taxation of Pension & Annuity Income Pdf Publication 575

Health Savings Accounts  ♦  line 25 of 1040    ♦  Form 8889

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What counts as income?

Publication 525 Taxable & Non Taxable Income
Publication 525 Taxable & Non Taxable Income
Covered CA - Countable Sources of IncomeCovered CA – Countable Sources of Income – Getting to MAGI and Line 37 AGI

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2 comments on “Income or Expense or Deduction for AGI line 37? What counts as?

  1. Hi Steve,

    I am trying to calculate my income to see if I am eligible for Medi-cal or what I can buy through Covered California [with a certified agent, at no additional charge]. Would you please answer these questions for me:

    1) Does spousal support count as income?

    2) Do gifts count as income?

    3) What time period is taken into account when calculating one’s income?



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