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you probably have answered these before somewhere but I hope you don’t mind I ask again.

  1. My wife and I filed joint return, and the same for 2017. No dependent. If only one of the spouses has income, and we try to apply for Family Coverage on Covered California, are we going to be split into two different insurances?

***No it’s all one qualification for subsidies your mandated to file jointly and two people at 28,000 would probably give you Silver 87.  Get a complementary calculation and benefits report or view the income chart, metal level page and enhanced Silver page.

I only get paid for helping you if you appoint me as you’re covered California agent.  They don’t pay me a monthly salary just to put up this website.

One spouse with income qualifies to buy subsidized metal plan and the other spouse without income only qualifies for Medical? Our line 37 will be approximately $28,000

***You qualify together your mandated to file jointly

  1. Regarding child eligibility. If I understand it correctly, ACA says you can keep your child under the family plan until he/she turns 26, but Covered California says a child cannot be included in the family plan unless he/she is claimed as a dependent on your tax. which one is correct?

***I guess you could put the child on the plan. But there won’t be any subsidies for the child unless the child is on your tax return.   Since you are asking me to explain the Jiggery Pokery that Covered CA tells you, don’t you think it fair that I get paid?  Appoint us as your agent.  No extra charge.  Section 1301 a 1 c (iii) PPACA   42 U.S. Code § 18021     10 more reasons to appoint us.

There’s really no point in putting the child on your plan just get the child their own coverage.  Click here for quotes for your adult child.

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