Covered CA Income Chart 2019 Source
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FAQ’s, Explanations & More Details 


1   What is my Household Size

Try this Flow Chart for a simpler explanation

How many dependents are on your Tax Return?  Section 151

Household Income includes all dependents on your returnMAGI

2   What is MAGI Modified Adjusted Gross Income – Line 37 AGI + Social Security, Tax Exempt Interest & Foreign Income

Tax Return Reconcilation of Subsidy is on these official forms 1040, 1095 and 8962 at the end of the year

4   MAGI based Medi-Cal    One can get FREE Medi-Cal base on  MAGI Income Line 37 of your 1040  – If your income falls  below 138% of the CA Poverty Line on the chart above.  There is no longer an asset  test, nor  estate recovery.

medi cal pregnant women

5   MAGI Medi-Cal for Pregnant Women

6   Medi-Cal Access Program   If you’re pregnant – up to 322% of FPL –  Formerly AIM

7   C-CHIP County Children’s Health Initiative Program in three northern CA counties

magi medi-cal under 19

8   Kids under 19 go in Medi-Cal if MAGI Income is below 266% of Federal Poverty Level.  While you can purchase coverage direct from an Insurance Company at Open or Special Enrollment, there is no PTC subsidy or premium tax credit.

Learn More ==> Western Poverty Page 72

9   Enhanced Silver – Cost Sharing  94, 87 & 73  – in addition to subsidies, you get lower deductibles & Co Pays.  94 is better than platinum which is 90 and 87 is better than gold which is 80 – metal level.

Silver 70  has a $2,500 Deductible and Standard Metal Levels, Bronze $5k deductible, Gold and Platinum $0 Deductible

federal poverty level

10   Federal Poverty Level FPL  – Definition

FPL gets  adjusted annually, IMHO the best way to calculate is to Click here to calculate your premium assistance and get proposals

Federal Poverty Level (FPL): “An income level based on the official poverty line as defined by the federal Office of Management and Budget and revised annually or at any shorter interval that the Secretary of Health and Human Services deems feasible
and desirable.” 22 CCR § 50041.5; see also 10 CCR § 6410

eligible for premium tax credit

11   Use our free calculator to see how much subsidy and enhanced silver benefit you might qualify for.  Less than 138% of FPL generally qualifies one for Medi-Cal.

Silver 94 - Under 138% Only if you can't get Medi-Cal
Silver 94 – Under 138% Only if you can’t get Medi-Cal  –  Learn More

12  Silver 94 – Under 138% Only if you can’t get Medi-Cal  –  Learn More

13 Click here to calculate your premium assistance and get proposals


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Flow Chart from IRS Website – Eligibilty for APTC Advance Premium Tax Credit – Subsidy

Accepted proofs of income for Covered CA  –  IMHO your 1040 is the best one!

Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Chart

FPL calculator ONLY

Use ours which includes benefits & subsidies and online enrollment

Share of Cost (Cost Sharing Reduction) Medi-Cal – Doesn’t apply in CA!  (≥100 to ≤150%)  FPL – The rules for 100 to 138 are quite complex  doesn’t apply in CA Learn More ===> Western Poverty & Law 375 booklet email us

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Free Instant Quotes - Including Subsidy Calculation
Free Instant Quotes - Including Subsidy Calculation - Same Price as Covered CA or Direct with Insurance Company!

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19 comments on “Income Chart – Line 37** Covered CA MAGI

  1. My wife and I are here on a Visitor Visa. She’s pregnant and due soon. We are a family of 4 with foreign income of $70k from my job. What coverage can we get for her.

  2. we are a family of 4 our in come ranges between 4,500-5,000 per month . what health plan best suits us and will it be expensive?

  3. Are we correct that we can purchase health insurance off of the exchange without premium assistance even though we fall into the Medi-Cal category?

    • Do you mean on Medi-Cal or with Covered CA subsidies? Click here and get a complementary proposal, benefits and subsidiy calculation. Note that Medi-Cal is 138% of FPL for the whole family. If you are above that, the parents can get Covered CA with enhanced silver and subsidies, while the children stay on till 266% of FPL. In certain northern counties till 322% of fpl. Again, the best way to see is getting the free quote. Even if you don’t qualify for Medi-Cal, with subsidies, the premiums are VERY low!

  4. My question is about my mom, who is both a senior and disabled.

    She is currently receiving Medi-Cal aid since she requires a significant amount of home care during the day and early evenings.

    What is the income level for her to receive 100% Medi-Cal benefits for home care.

    Rather than the rate based on a “cost-sharing reduction”.

  5. i am having a hard time trying to see if i can get medi-cal. i dont understand most of those charts. i am 60 years old drawing ssi – Supplemental Security Income from my deceased husband. i make 18,588.00 a year, i cant work and i am trying to get on disabilty. but not went through yet. can you send me to the right web site, or tell me if i can get it?

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