Cost for Medicare – Never worked in USA?

My 82-year-old mom came to live in the United States this year and got her green card in July 2013.
She is not eligible for Medicare since she has never worked/paid taxes in this country.
How much will it cost to insure her?


A. Most immigrants who are “lawfully present,” including people with permanent resident status (also known as green card holders), can buy coverage on the exchange. Just like citizens, they are also eligible for premium tax credits and cost-sharing assistance if they meet the income requirements. (In fact, most legal immigrants must have coverage by 2014, unless they qualify for an exemption.)

As a green card holder, your mother will be eligible for the exchange, but will need to live here for five years to qualify for Medicaid. Since she is not eligible for Medicare, however, she can apply for a premium tax credit, said Lynn Quincy, a senior policy analyst at Consumers Union.  New York Times

Cost & How to Buy Medicare if you don’t have the credits

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