HR 2009 passed the House 8.2.2013
`Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act of 2013

 Congress finds the following:

(1) On May 10, 2013, the Internal Revenue Service admitted that it singled out advocacy groups, based on ideology, seeking tax-exempt status.

(2) This action raises pertinent questions about the agency’s ability to implement and oversee Public Law 111-148 and Public Law 111-152.

(3) This action could be an indication of future Internal Revenue Service abuses in relation to Public Law 111-148 and Public Law 111-152 given that it is their responsibility to enforce a key provision, the individual mandate.

(4) Americans accept the principle that patients, families, and doctors should be making medical decisions, not the Federal Government.   

The Secretary of the Treasury, or any delegate of the Secretary, shall not implement or enforce any provisions of or amendments made by Public Law 111-148 or 111-152.

Passed the House of Representatives August 2, 2013.   Will it pass the Senate?  PPACA would still mandate GUARANTEED ISSUE!  Thus, causing a big problem with Adverse Selection, the unhealthy people buying and not enough in the pool to make up for it.    LA Times Opinion

Argument for:

The IRS is an agency plagued by a multitude of scandals and significant misuses of taxpayer funds. The IRS is probably the worst government agency that we would want to have involved with Americans health care.

The IRS cannot fulfill its current core missions. With this in mind, we should not allow them to hire thousands of new employees to oversee our health care. The IRS cannot even properly supervise many of its current employees. We cannot trust the IRS with our health care. I urge my colleagues to pass this bill.

ObamaCare has proven to be a terrible law that will continue to hurt individuals, employers, and our health care system.

While accurate information regarding the law has been scarce, what we know for sure is that premiums are skyrocketing, American families are confused, and doctors and nurses are afraid they will not be able to continue to care for their patients.

Businesses across the country are being forced to not only adhere to the onerous paperwork requirements, but have been in a holding pattern for over 3 years waiting for implementation. Recently, we learned that the IRS has been targeting different groups and singling them out for intense scrutiny based on their political views. But as ObamaCare is set to be implemented, Americans are expected to trust the IRS with the responsibility of implementing this destructive law. This has proven to be unworkable and a dangerous path for our health care system and our country to be on. Thomas.Gov

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