Covered CA Income, Enhanced Silver & Medi-Cal Chart
Covered CA Income, Enhanced Silver & Medi-Cal Chart
Flow Chart - Who gets credit
Flow Chart – Who gets credit – From Publication # 974

Click here for the Federal Poverty Level CHART as related to your income and family size  (MAGI Line 37 1040). Then you can see what Medical – Health or Medi Cal  or Enhanced Silver Level Insurance Program you can qualify for.

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  1. What is Household Size?
  2. What is Eligible Income  (MAGI)?
  3. Tell me more about   Medi Cal  
  4. How do the Enhanced Silver Plans  work?
  5. What are the benefits of the 4 Metal Levels? 
  6. What’s this about the  9.5% Fair Share? for employer provided coverage?
  7. Extra benefits for pregnancy? AIM 
  8. Do you have more FAQ’s (KISS)?
  9. What is the Federal Poverty level
  10. How do I appoint Steve Shorr Insurance  as my agent, no additional charge for Covered CA so that you can help me and get paid for your time and expertise.
Steve Shorr on subsidies – Health Care Reform
Subsidies – Motley Fool

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4 comments on “Income – FPL & Program Chart – More detail & explanation

  1. I am so lost in all these health care programs. I am not from USA, but I am a citizen. When it came this thing of everyone having to have health insurance (2011/2012) [Obama Care] I was getting a divorce after being a stay home mother for 20 years. I never dealt with health insurance, I didn’t work, I just didn’t understand any of it. I was unemployed and qualified for Medi-cal, now my situation changed; one son still leaves with me, but he is 21 so I don’t think he counts as dependent anymore,

    ***Is he on your tax return? Click here for household definition.

    I got a job and I sold my house. Can you let me know what changes I should expect and what i should do.?

    My household is 3 ( me, my 13 years old daughter and my 21 one years old son), my income is $24,096.

    ***Click here and enter your information to our complementary Quote engine, it will let you know if you qualify for Covered CA Subsdies, Enhanced Silver or MAGI Medi-Cal.

    I sold my house that I had with my ex, but have been unable to buy a house to live as I don’t qualify for a mortgage (finally employed, but making minimum wage). Now I have all this money in the bank and I have been using it to pay rent. Will I lose my eligibility due to now having money that should go towards a house, but I can’t afford one?

    ***Under Health Care Reform, assets are not relevant for MAGI Medi-Cal. It’s if you household income is under 138% of Federal Poverty Level, chart.

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