APTC Premium Assistance FAQ’s

How do we qualify for PA [Premium Assistance – APTC]?

***It’s a function of MAGI income and the number of people in your home, on the tax return – with a very complex formula.  Thus, use

our calculator.


my husband was laid off but he expects to find work shortly. We would like to sign up the family for Blue Shield Silver PPO 70. He has $30k earned income.  He qualifies for $450 per week in UI benefits. He expects to be out of work no longer that 2 months.

***So, what do you expect your families MAGI Income*, Line 37* on your next  tax return, 1040 to be?


The first time I applied for this plan through covered california, I qualified for a $572 per month premium. The rest was PA (premium assistance).

But now they are telling me that our family income comes out to $45,000 per year and we have to go on Medi-Cal.

***How many are in your family?

I would like to avoid Medi-Cal. I tried applying again, and estimated future income for annual total of $78,400. At this point, we qualified for zero PA!

***Try using our

complementary quote and subsidy calculator.  

You MUST use an honest good faith projection for annual MAGI income, as your statement are under penalty of perjury.   We will not help  anyone violate IRS rules

I’d like to go back in and change projected annual total to $50,000. This is also a likely scenario. Will this finally allow us to qualify for PA?

***I have no idea, until you get a complementary quote and subsidy calculator.  I don’t know your zip code or the number of people in your family – household.  Don’t forget, if you get too much subsidy, you have to give it back at tax time.

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