CFR 136 B 3 – How is Tax Credit Calculated
Kaiser Foundation Subsidy Explanation

How is the Premium Tax Credit – Subsidy
CFR 1.36 B – 3  calculated?

For a simpler explanation see our main subsidy explanation page, KFF Calculator or Just get a FREE Quote,  put in your MAGI income

The Tax Credit – Premium Assistance – Subsidy is calculated off the 2nd lowest Silver Premium.   See Screen Shot below for the rates in Los Angeles, based on the input data farther below.

AHCA  Donald Care would replace this with Section 36 C – credits based on age.

View ALL Silver Plans in Los Angeles – Find 2nd Lowest




9.86% Applicable Percentage 2019
9.86% Applicable Percentage 2019  Rev Proc  2018-34
CHCF – 4 Page Explanation

We also suggest that you check with your tax advisor, as these are TAX credits…  It’s like your W- 4.  It will all get evened out, when you file your 2014 taxes.  Pick a overall Tax Calculator – Google Search.


So, let’s let the Kaiser Family Foundation Exchange Calculator calculator do the math.kaiser.calculator.math

Kaiser Foundation Sample Tax Credit Calculation and explanation

taxpayer tax credit change

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