Premium Tax Credit Reconciliation # 8962
Premium Tax Credit Reconciliation # 8962
Instructions for form 8962
Instructions for form 8962
Premium Tax Credit - Publication 974
Premium Tax Credit – Publication 974
Line 69 Premium Tax Credit
Line 69 Premium Tax Credit
Publication 5187
Line 46 IRS 1040
Line 46 IRS 1040

It’s great to get your Tax Subsidy Upfront, it lowers the premiums, but IMHO is all hocus-pocus, with smoke and mirrors.  At tax time, push comes to shove, when you file  Form #8962  Premium Tax Credit with your 1040all the numbers come out in the wash.  Worse than just having to pay back the subsidies, you may have to pay penalties.  See form 2210 and the instructions for more details.   Molina Health Care reports that the IRS states that 57% of tax payers  may lose the credits as they haven’t filed form 8962 or filed their taxes! Email dated 7.30.2015   IRS   New York Times 8.4.2015

Here’s the forms:

Form #8962  Premium Tax Credit (calculation)

Here’s the  Instructions

but first you need the    Proof of Coverage Form 1095 A from Covered CA

and  B  if applicable – like if you had Covered CA part of the year and other coverage the rest of the year, from an Insurance Company, Government – Like Medicare or Medi-Cal or your Employer.

Instructions to file the RIGHT forms, if there are ANY issues or problems —- IRS —  Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions

When you are done enter the calculation on line 46 and/or 69 of 1040 form.


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