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NEW!!! Tax forms required for filing 2014 taxes, penalties and verification of subsidies?

FREE software to do your taxes if  you earn less that $58k  www.IRS.Gov/FreeFile.  If you earn more, you can find the forms below or at the IRS website.  We do NOT give tax or legal advise!  Only links and excerpts of the law or Insurance Company Bulletins.

Draft 1040 for 2014 – Line 61 is where you put in the amount of tax you owe if you don’t get proper coverage under the individual mandate.

Draft 2014 – 1040 – Line 61

Form 8962  Premium Tax Credit ♦ Instructions Form 1095 A & B  should give you the information to complete this one

Federal Poverty Level Chart   MAGI – Modified Adjusted Gross Income    Line 37 1040

Form 8962 Part 2 Premium Tax Credit and Reconcilation of Advance Tax Credit


 1095 A – Market Place Statement – Form you should receive from Covered CA so that you can fill out Form 8962


1095 B Instructions  Confirmation of Minimum Essential Coverage


More draft tax forms for 2014