IRS Form # 1040 * Instructions Line 37 AGI
is the basis for Modified Adjusted Gross (MAGI) Income to get your ACA Obama Care tax subsidy.

Please it’s not what you did last year, it’s what do you expect to do for the current year as it all get’s reconciled when you file form 8962 with your 1040!

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Line 61 is where you put in the amount of tax you owe if you don’t get proper coverage under the individual mandate. The mandate penalty doesn’t end till 2019.

Income & Adjustments – See MAGI and MAGI FAQ’s

1040 Instructions
1040 Instructions
IRS Learning – Understanding Taxes


Federal Tax Guide # 17
Federal Tax Guide # 17
View our webpage on IRS # 1040 IRS # 1040


IRS Publication 17 - Federal Income Tax for Individuals 288 pages
IRS Publication 17 – Federal Income Tax for Individuals 288 pages

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#974 Premium Tax Subsidy

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Publication 17  Your Federal Income Tax

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