1095 A 2 Page Explanation
2 Page explanation

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Free Instant Quotes - Including Subsidy Calculation

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1095 A  Covered CA Proof of Coverage & Subsidies

Covered CA will send you Form 1095 A – 

Instructions & Cover Letter 

so that you can fill out Form 8962 to reconcile  Premium Tax Credit – Subsidy.  In addition this form will give you proof of coverage so that you don’t have to pay the mandate penalty of 2.5% of income for years prior to 2019.

If you don’t get the form in the mail, just log into your Covered CA Account and follow the instructions in this Covered CA Job Aid Rev 1.19.2017.

For personal year around service from Covered CA, just appoint us as your agent, by completing this form.

FAQs  (13 Pages)

2016 Revised 1095? Insure Me Kevin.Com

If you got the WRONG 1095 A form, you don’t have to refile taxes per Covered CA Bulletin 5.18.2015

♦  CA Health Line 2.25.2015  



More IRS Info   

♦  InsureMeKevin.com  

1.25.2016 Rev.

Check out the analysis of #1095 Form from our Friendly Competitor insure me kevin.com    ♦  Tax Guidance on Friendly Competitors Blog

About 50% of people who got subsidies will have to return a portion of the $$$  CA Healthline 3.25.2015

Certified Agent Tools Not Confidential

Job Aid  (17 Pages) for 1095 processing

1095 Webinar on how to explain the 1095 and what’s this all about

Talking Points (22 Pages)  3.20.2015 Update about incorrect 1095’s

March 2016 Covered CA Information & Updates

What to Do if You Don’t Receive Your Health Care Information Forms

This year, you may receive one or more forms that provide information about your 2015 health coverage; these forms are 1095-A, 1095-B and 1095-C. The IRS does not issue these forms and cannot provide you with a copy of any of these forms. This tip provides guidance about what you should do if you are expecting to receive any of these forms, but do not have them by the time you are ready to file your tax return. Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement, provides you with information about your 2015 health care coverage if you or someone in your family enrolled in coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. The Marketplace should have furnished Form 1095-A to you by February 1, 2016.

  • If you were expecting a form and did not get one, you should contact your Marketplace. Visit your Marketplace’s website to find out the steps you need to follow to get a copy of your Form 1095-A online. The IRS does not issue and cannot provide you with your Form 1095-A.
  • You should wait to file your 2015 income tax return until you receive this form.
  • Filing before you receive this form may delay your refund.  You need the information from Form 1095-A to complete Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit and file it with your tax return.
  • You can find more information about your Form 1095-A from the Marketplace.

Do not attach any Forms 1095 to your tax return.  Keep the health care information forms with your tax records. For more information on these forms, see our Questions and Answers about Health Care Information Forms for Individuals.

How to download your 1095 form from your Covered CA Account
Job Aid 

3 comments on “1095 A Covered CA Statement of Subsidy & Proof of Coverage

  1. I don’t believe I received my 1095-A form from Covered CA for the 2017 year.

    I tried to track it down online but it appears the only way I can get it is by filling out a dispute form.

    How can I get it?

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