Subsidy APTC Reconciliation 

Tax Forms #8962, #1040 & #1095 A 

It’s great to get premium subsidies if you earn less than 400% or 600% in CA of Federal Poverty Level. 

However, the final thing, is that it’s all governed by the IRS rules and forms.  It’s not what Covered CA says at the beginning of the year when you enroll, it’s what ends up on your tax forms at the end of the year that matters.  IMHO it can be a lot of hocus pocus, with smoke and mirrors.  It’s not what anyone tells you over the phone.

Here’s the forms:  

Be sure to file your taxes on time, even if there are problems with Covered CA sending you the correct 1095 A or you risk losing subsidies and CANCELLATION in the future –  CA Health Line 8.25.2015



Kaiser Foundation FAQ’s for 2014 Taxes

Kaiser Permanente Reminder to do 2014 Taxes

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